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“Leadership is a hard life, my son.”

Thank you, Steven, for the title! :)   Under the watchful eyes of his father Hamilcar Barca, Hannibal is prepared for a life of leadership – and before he can lead, he must first learn to follow. This paves the way for Hannibal’s later success as the commander of an army composed of Iberians, Africans, […]

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The Painting of the Sword

… or, how to avoid cluttering up mass scenes. On your second attempt. In this painting, I have such an amount of detail in the lineart that I have to be careful not to kill the picture with it.Let me give you a fun example of how *not* to do it, from exactly ten years [...]

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The pretence of knowledge

This week, in between essay marking, I read on a friend’s facebook page: “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.” I actually think this sentence is less paradox than it sounds. The age of information has flooded us with so much knowledge at a mouseclick that choosing ignorance sounds like a rather logical [...]

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Print sale – 20% off everything until 5th November!

My trusty old Epson Stylus Office has finally, with a sound to permanently traumatise my cat, given up its ghost. :( So, to afford a new one that’ll take watercolour paper with less fuss, please help me out, and buy some shiny prints! 20% off everything until the fifth of November! A3 prints for 12 [...]

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Maedhros searching for the sons of Dior

  Nearly off to Ring*Con. Catch me in Bonn! Got loads and loads of cool stuff coming up…

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Messy E

There are far too few E

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Pain and regret

Some people have remarked to me, over the past few months, “You haven’t posted in a while – wow, can’t wait to see what massive project you’re working on!” I’m sorry to say there was no massive project other than keeping sane. The last weeks at school were bad, and the next year won’t be [...]

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All exams are marked!!

This is going to be the most useless post in history, but oh my goodness, was this tough going. 72 exams marked. Each of them taking one hour on average. And that’s only counting the ones I got the week before last and that I’ve finally worked off! My poor kids have probably forgotten what [...]

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Exam marking vs. Diablo III or: The Two Greater Evils

May is upon me. May means exams, conferences, and graduation exams in such short succession that I seem to blink on April 30th and suddenly open my eyes again on June 1st. Without really knowing where the time in between went. Unless you count some telltale dark rings under the eyes. This year, may is [...]

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Sketches from the edge

A few absolutely incredibly taxing days. Class trip with one hundred twenty-six twelve-year-olds. Three days of sitting a bag of fleas, as we say in German. Some very touching experiences, some rather disheartening ones, and having to be “on” for seventy-six hours on end. Drawing was a lifeline to sanity.

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