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Twenty-year old Jenny finds her calling

I get a lot of comments from people who see my “progress” charts (like this) who tell me that it gave them courage to see good artists aren’t born, but have to learn their stuff the hard way, just like everybody else. 1995 always marked a pivotal point for my art for me – less […]

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Loughborough Log – Days Four and Five

I’ll cover my return journey first, as that was a nightmare I don’t want to cloud the rest of the report. A horror novel could be written about it, but I’ll just throw these out there: Cancelled ICE, 40 degrees outside and 50 in the space between the two train carriages where I was squeezing [...]

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Loughborough Log – Day Three

I apologise for the third post in a row without any pictures. I’ve taken loads, and hilarious ones, but you’ll have to wait for those until I’m back in Germany. Today started with my drawing workshop, which was great fun. In between teaching the basics of human, Elven, Dwarven, and Dragon anatomy, there was much [...]

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Loughborough Log: Day Two

It’s terribly late, I’ve got a workshop on first thing in the morning, I’m bone-tired, but so pumped that I can’t sleep anyway. Can I just stay here? In this fantastic Tolkien fandom world? I’ve met all sorts of wonderful people today – Anke Ei

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Loughborough Log: Day One

The day started at half past five. Actually, it started five minutes before that. Just before my alarm clock went, I dreamt it was morning, and I was dancing around our kitchen in the brilliant sunshine wearing an English football jersey, singing “Three Lions”. A good way to start the day. On to Loughborough, for [...]

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Panis Romana cum moreto

… or, Roman bread with cheese. I had a Roman breakfast with my students this morning, and the Roman bread and cheese we made were so delicious that a lot of them asked for the recipe. I told them I’d put it on my blog and for those of you who don’t speak German and [...]

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Happy Easter to everyone!

Poor bloke. Hung up on precipices… now hung up in peach trees. He’ll get back at me some day.

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