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Yavanna, Giver of Fruits

It’s incredible how this new sketchbook and gouache technique is breaking through blockades. I suddenly find myself grabbing sketchbook and pencil again on a whim, like reading a passage and thinking, “Oh, I’ll do Yavanna!” Not, “What colours will I use? What format? What pose will I put her in? And why not do Maedhros [...]

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Those missing moments

I’m re-reading the Silmarillion again (for the first time in fifteen years, cover to cover) and find myself delightfully stumbling over those little scenes in between that aren’t there – and yet are. One of the reasons why I can’t listen to the audiobook. I want to pause it after every other sentence, to give [...]

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Sealing Maedhros’ fate – walkthrough

I’ve split the previous post, so that it now contains only the thoughts about the picture. Now here’s the creation process for the image “Sealing Maedhros’ fate”. The sketch was made in Photoshop. I like sketching digitally; it allows me to move around people or groups of people, flip images to check the averse effect, [...]

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Rescue – sketch

This one really was long overdue. I like the raw, painful sketchiness of it – makes it look as if it was a quick one, even though I spent the entire day erasing and redrawing. Fingon taking Maedhros back to Mithrim after his rescue (Thorondor’s right wing can be seen in the background). Most depictions [...]

@темы: art, drawing, fingon, gouache, maedhros, maglor, silmarillion, sketch, tolkien


The Oath of F


The Oath of F

As always, my lineart is drawn in pencil on Bristol board, scanned, and printed out on watercolour paper. (For any questions on that process, see my FAQ above!) This one proved to be the toughest watercolour I’ve ever done. I actually did a watercolour thumbnail before painting, trying to work out how much paint to [...]

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It ends in flame – progress

That other picture I had lying is taking shape: The final moment of Maedhros. First, as this seems to have become the thing to do, I’ll share the 1995 version. Yes, I was prolific in 1995. Note Maedhros’ clothes. I can only surmise that this is what I understood by “they disguised themselves” – he [...]

@темы: art, drawing, maedhros, maedhros death, silmarillion, tolkien, walkthrough


One Maglor, please. Milk, two sugars.

So, decided to look into coffee painting today. Really handles a lot like watercolour, only stains more and does very interesting things at the edges. Forms harder edges too. Background painted in leftover of hubby’s morning coffee (Onko, der Milde), figure in Jacobs Instant Espresso. I’ll definitely be doing more with this.

@темы: art, coffee, maglor, painting, silmarillion, tolkien


All the others, gone

A missing moment that I hadn’t even seen until now – we all know that Finarfin came briefly to Beleriand to lead the Noldor of Valinor into battle against Morgoth in the War of Wrath. Has it ever occurred to anyone how painful it must have been to finally be reunited with his daughter – [...]

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Exam marking season is upon me. I’m doomed. Uh yes, he’ll have armour in the final. It’s… just so I get his anatomy right. You know? Like so. I like Gothmog’s reflection there in the shoulderplate.

@темы: F, art, balrog, battle, silmarillion, sketch, tolkien


Unspoken Resentment

I seem to be one of the few people who always assumed that, when Fingon had rescued Maedhros from Thangorodrim, he took him with him to the people of Fingolfin. It’s always made sense for me. He would have wanted to keep him close, and he wouldn’t have been welcome to stay in the F

@темы: art, fingon, silmarillion, sketch, tolkien, turgon


Thy son has returned

After “All the others, gone” sparked heaps of discussions on the rebirth, re-embodiment and return of Elves who died… … this absolutely needed to be done. No doubt Maedhros spent a long time in the Halls of Mandos, while his mother remained alone in Valinor – her husband and her seven sons, gone. Eventually, Maedhros [...]

@темы: art, maedhros, nerdanel, silmarillion, sketch, tolkien


*Now* it ends in flame.

When before, let’s face it, it ended in coffee. So, since painting “It ends in flame”, I’ve been wanting to do a more fiery version that your average coffee allows. Thanks to liquid watercolours, this now works much better.

@темы: art, maedhros, maedhros death, painting, silmarillion, tolkien, watercolour



So Maedhros sat me down today and had a little chat with me. M: So, Jenny, you’ve what? drawn me killing myself, begging forgiveness on my knees, writhing in pain, and committing the act of greatest folly of my life? J: I… suppose that about sums it up. M: So, whatever next? J: Actually… I [...]

@темы: art, maedhros, silmarillion, sketch, tolkien


Ossiriand – Lineart cleanup

I figured I might just as well detail my process of cleaning lineart, since people keep asking how I do it. As you know, I usually sketch digitally, and then print out my sketch in a very light, very saturated colour onto Bristol board. Then I use those messy coloured lines as guidelines and draw [...]

@темы: art, drawing, horse, how-to, lineart, maedhros, silmarillion, sketch, tolkien


Maedhros in Angband – sketch

Not sure if I’ll actually try that sort of lighting, or if I’m brave enough to stick with that sick colour scheme, but I suppose I should. *coughs* I’m really sorry, Maedhros. You should have known this was coming after wheedling that “happy pic” out of me… Drawn with reference involving the self-timer on my [...]

@темы: angband, art, maedhros, silmarillion, sketch, tolkien


Ossiriand – painting

I finally found the time to paint “Ossiriand”. The result surprised me, quite frankly. I chose Dr Martin’s Liquid Watercolours and Canson paper to work on, as I wanted to pic bright – turns out that the result was almost too bright. Hence, I turned down the saturation a little in the final painting; that’s [...]

@темы: watercolour, walkthrough, tutorial, tolkien, silmarillion, painting, maedhros, how-to, horse, art


Maedhros in Angband – lineart

Poor love. Yes, I feel bad already. I went back and forth with the chain fettering him to the wall; in the end, I left it there – I don’t think they’d trust him to stay put without it, and the chain makes it clear he still has hands (and arms) back there somewhere. O_o [...]

@темы: angband, art, drawing, maedhros, silmarillion, tolkien


Maedhros in Angband – finished

Sorry, no progress shots for this one. I painted it in a sort of delirium. I used to do this all the time when I was younger – sitting down with a bottle of coke and my paints, and emerging four to eight hours later with a finished painting that I couldn’t remember even thinking [...]

@темы: angband, art, maedhros, painting, silmarillion, tolkien, watercolour


Spark – a Silmarillion fanfic

I’ve done it. Written my first Silmarillion fanfic in seventeen years. O_o Maedhros upon Thangorodrim. Warning: Disturbing themes. Injury, torture, madness. This probably won’t be easy to understand unless you’ve read the Silmarillion. Disclaimer: I don’t own the character, though I promise to return him in good condition. As far as text-faithfulness is concerned. Maedhros [...]

@темы: fanfiction, maedhros, silmarillion, tolkien, writing

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